What is reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic, non-intrusive complementary therapy which works on the discovery that there are relationships, called reflexes, between the feet and hands and all of the glands, organs and parts of the body. By gently stimulating these reflexes it works with the body’s natural healing efforts and assists well-being in a safe and natural way. This treatment can be received by anyone at any age, from newborn babies onwards.

Can reflexology help me?

Reflexology helps relaxation, improves mood, helps relieve tension, aids sleep and improves sense of well-being. Reflexology can be incorporated into a preventative healthcare lifestyle.

Aromatherapy reflexology

Following discussion with you aromatherapy essential oils may be used to help promote and maintain your physical and emotional health and well-being.

What happens when I have reflexology?

A full confidential medical history will be taken and following discussion with you the therapy will be tailored to your needs. Reflexology will be carried out in a warm calm peaceful environment by gently working on areas of the hands or feet depending on your preference. Following your therapy the results of your treatment and after care advice will be discussed with you.

What is the Association of Reflexologists (AoR)?

The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) is the foremost independent professional body for reflexology in the UK. Members of the AoR demonstrate the highest levels of training and have met the strictest standards for practice.

About Valerie

Valerie is a Registered Therapist and Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, qualified nurse and midwife. She graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science class one honours in Specialist Community Nursing and Health Care Practice.

Valerie trained at the National College of Colon Hydrotherapy gaining a Post Graduate Certificate with distinction. She is a member of the Association and Register of Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) who are pleased to be supporting the work of the IBS network. She is also registered with the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and is also a Reiki Master.

Valerie has successfully completed Diploma, Intermediate and Advanced courses in both the theory and practise of BER (Bio Electronic Regulatory) testing, incorporating food intolerance, vitamins, minerals, candida testing and complex Homeopathy. She has also successfully completed a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition being awarded a distinction. Valerie is also registered with Lorisian healthcare laboratory food intolerance testing services.


Duration: 60 mins

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£30 per treatment