“Ken and Val are really wonderful people and have helped me immeasurably with their presence, light-heartedness and how incredibly kind they both are. I had one session with Ken this year and left with a feeling of inner clarity…so clear that I booked a flight to Portugal and have started moving through the steps to make the move over there. (very exciting) Having gone into the session looking for help in communicating with others, I came away with more insight and clarity than I had from six months of talking therapy …it really is a very special, transformative experience and i wholeheartedly recommend having a session if you feel the urge to. Ken moves through everything with genuine love and care while being very respectful too.I was also fortunate to have regular colonics with Valerie and it was noticeable how much clearer I was in mind and lighter in body afterwards. It is a genuine privilege to share space with Ken and Val and I thank you from the heart for all of your support and love. Wish you all the best.”


“Thank you Valerie it was so lovely to meet you:) I feel so good and will definitely be back:) thank you for all your lovely advice:)”


“I am just writing to say thank you for helping me with such sensitivity and care when I came for the hydrotherapy.

The treatment and my visit with you did make me feel so much better. I did feel lighter and clearer with a better level of energy than I have had for some time. I was able to think a bit more clearly as well.

I am most appreciative of your time and help.

Thank you again”


“Richard here, who came to see you a few months ago re food intolerances testing.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for all your help. I’m pretty sure that I’ve now got it nailed down to gluten, and if I avoid that and any wheat related products I’m so much better than I was. No more cramps, no more nausea.
You also gave me so much good advice on common-sense eating habits – it’s made world of difference to me. It was worth every penny coming to see you – an invaluable service, and you provide such an understanding ear.

I don’t think that there will be any need for me to see you in the foreseeable future, but of course I will do if any further problems arise or if I, or any of my family and friends need advice or your (and Ken’s) service, we’ll certainly be contacting you.

It’s great to know that your service exists to get people through these sort of issues. All the very best, Richard.”


“After almost 10 years of smoking I thought I would never stop, I had tried on many occasions and tried different products to help me but nothing worked. So i decided to book an appointment with Ken at Buttercross Health. Before I went in I had a cigarette and was nervous as I didn’t know what to expect. Ken was very friendly and easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable right away. After a relaxing experience I felt great and very positive about stopping smoking. The cigarette I had before I went in was the last one I smoked, now six months on and im feeling great. It was the best thing I have ever done. Ken helped me stay strong and helped me believe that I could do it. I never think about smoking now and I know I will never go back. My fitness has improved and now I am saving lots of money. I dont think I would of stopped if it wasn’t for Ken. I would seriously recommended anyone who is serious about quiting to see Ken. It really was the best thing I have ever done. Thank you so much Ken :-)”


“Thanks to kens help and expertise I was able to shed an addiction to cannabis. This then allowed me to go on to focus on my degree studies, eventually obtaining a 2:1 in mathematics. I sincerely believe that without Kens help I would have not been able to achieve this. Kens open and honest nature makes him instantly trustable and I am deeply grateful to him for his help. “

 Felicity. Leicestershire

“I have been fortunate to have known Valerie and Ken for a number of years and I can’t recommend them enough for their amazing insight, knowledge and understanding. Following a long term hormone problem, I had intensive reflexology in the run up to and during fertility treatment which made an enormous difference to my physical and emotional well-being. In addition, Ken used deep relaxation and hypnosis techniques to help me focus on being positive about the treatment process and outcome. I continued to have reflexology during my pregnancy and remained well and relaxed throughout. Ken helped me prepare for the birth using hypnosis and despite the challenges every birth brings, I remained relaxed, positive and calm throughout the birth of our little boy. Words don’t really cover the depth of my gratitude to Ken and Valerie because I am in no doubt that their combined therapies were paramount in helping me recover from illness and have our son.”


“Since having my assessment from Val, I can honestly say my skin has improved. I am careful now what I eat and have the information sheet which Val gave me after the assessment was completed..
I was shocked at my bodies response to the assessment….
It didn’t like some of the foods I ate and some things I drank…things you wouldn’t even think of…like Soya milk, tomatoes…

I found Val very friendly, polite and she tried to help you as much as she could..
The environment was welcoming. Holistic with lovely relaxing music playing…in a comfy chair too. felt like going asleep…

Now, after a few months, I would recommend anyone going to see Val, if like me, you have a skin problem or anything else for that matter, that is affecting you r well being…Go on, go and see Val..
You have nothing to lose but everything to GAIN…”


“I discovered Buttercross Natural Health Practice via an advert at work a couple of years ago when I worked in the NHS. The advert mentioned that they were accredited Colonic Hydrotherapists and I was keen to try them out. I have suffered with IBS and chronic constipation for many years and had colonic’s before and but had to travel great distances to get there.

Upon arrival I met with Valerie who was so thorough, you really couldn’t want for a more lovely, attentive, informative and reassuring therapist. Valerie went through the whole procedure with me and we had a really good chat about my diet, my history, my health etc and explained the benefits very thoroughly. Having had a colonic before I knew what to except but for any new clients I can assure you that you couldn’t be in a safer or more capable pair of hands.

Needless to say I have been going to Valerie ever since and she always has a smile for you and I always leave feeling 100% better than I felt going in. What is even more amazing now is that I follow my colonic with reflexology – it is pure heaven – it’s hard not to drift off to sleep!

I will continue to use Buttercross for all my alternative health needs and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone – The Dodson’s will become your friends as well as your therapists.”


“You may recall I came for food intolerance testing last october and it has transformed my life, my step daughter has struggled with IBS for a number of years and I feel that this may help her as well”

Reviews & Feedback

We would love for you to send us a review of the service you have received from us, please send us a message using the contact form, thank you!


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you. Since the blockage was removed i’ve felt so much better and actually ate a jacket potato in front of my children that night and pains eased soooo much on right x thank u for giving me my life back xxxxx”


“Thank you Valerie for your wonderful treatment last week. It has proved to be profoundly beneficial to me. I appreciate your help and very considerate attention. All good wishes B.”


“Hi Ken. I just wanted to say a massive thankyou. You were so great today!I feel very different and very hopeful! Your sensitivity, intuition, common sense and kindness enabled me to get so much ! I will spend time every day in my place. I also commit to calling again if I need to ! Thank you. In gratitude and hope K :)”

IBS – Food Intolerance Testing & Colon Hydrotherapy.

“I first visited Valerie around 6 weeks ago, after a stressful year I had suddenly started to suffer with painful stomach cramps, a doctor had reached the conclusion that it was IBS but after that I was pretty much on my own to try and work out what to do about it.  I was suffering a debilitating episode at least every 12 days and it was starting to be a real problem.

Six weeks on, I feel great and my IBS seems to have gone away and I can’t speak highly enough of Valerie and the help she has given me.  Firstly I had a food intolerance test using a fascinating machine that detects how your body reacts to different foods.  Too complicated for me to explain, but within 90 minutes Valerie gave me a really good indication of various different ‘triggers’ for the IBS, she then talked me through them and gave me lots of ideas about alternative foods.  It was also really pragmatic, sensible advice – not about cutting things out completely but making sensible adjustments.  Within 4 weeks I felt great and like the IBS was pretty much behind me, I returned for a session of Colon Hydrotherapy (at my request) for a thorough cleanse and haven’t had an episode at all since.

Valerie has a really lovely approach, not pushy, not ‘selling’; she genuinely cares about getting a good result and makes all sorts of ‘free’ recommendations based on her extensive experience, including on quality supplements, useful books etc.

If you’re suffering like I was, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Valerie, she’s amazing!”


“Hello Ken, Just wanted to thank you for helping with my sleep problems a couple of weeks ago, I must admit I was very sceptical but it has worked and I have been sleeping very well, I am amazed really! Thanks again and will certainly book another appointment should it be needed in future. S .”


“Hi Valerie,  I can’t believe it’s a week today since we met for my Food Intolerance Test! It was so lovely to meet you, thank you for putting me at ease immediately, making my husband & I feel so welcome & for all the help & advice you gave in such a short space of time. My experience was so enjoyable & therapeutic, I want to come back! The ‘free sample’ digestive enzyme tablets you kindly ordered for me have arrived today. Thank you! Now for my amazing results…I have followed your advice to the letter &, after many years of discomfort, I feel ‘normal’ for the first time in a very long time. I noticed a huge improvement after just 24 hours & things have just got better & better!  Thank you so much Valerie. Who would have thought that cutting out all dairy & a few other foods would make such an impact on my life?  My energy levels have greatly improved, I look & feel so much brighter &, best of all, I can get out in the mornings! Wonderful. I am so pleased I found your web site & am now singing your praises &recommending you to everyone.  Many, many thanks… Very best wishes, V.”


“Hi just wanted to give you an update. I took onboard all your comments and the results and have made some changes to my diet. I’ve not been sick at all since our consultation which previously was pretty much daily. The difference is amazing, along with no sickness the bloating has now gone , my general energy levels have increased hugely and although I have a cold at the minute I feel so much better. Thanks so much for your knowledge and confirming my intolerances.”


“Hi Val. Thank you so much for doing my colonic irrigation. I only get about 10%of the pain that I got before which I think is just stress from work. I can actually be close with my boyfriend again which is amazing. After all of the pain I had earlier in the year the food intolerance testing took that away. Even though doctors said it wouldn’t help and would rather cut me open first. Incredible to think that I had a week off work due to pain and then you can sort it just like that.thank you so much. You are professional, sympathetic and very caring. I will definitely be coming back haha”


“Hi Valerie, everything is going well, my IBS has settled at last as well as my menopausal problems. Thank you so much for helping me with these issues and getting me back to normality. Much love A. xx “


“Hi Valerie and Ken, just letting you know that travelling to Scotland was absolutely fine after I spoke to Ken. Feel like I have a much more positive mind set since we spoke! My stomach seems to be behaving as well as I have cut out all diary products. Just want to say thanks for helping me out and no doubt I will be back to see you guys at sometime in the future! Thanks guys!”


“Hi Valerie, thanks a lot. I feel 100% better x.”


“Hi Valerie I came to you nearly two weeks ago for a food intolerance test. I have cut out all of the food that was causing me trouble and I am so incredibly surprised at the results! I feel so much better, more energised and  much better concentration! I did not expect that!I am going to keep going and call you in a couple of weeks! It was such a fantastic session with you and I have recommended you to all my friends. Thank you! Emma.”


“It was great to see you. I always leave you feeling 100% more uplifted.”


“Dear Valerie I came to see you last week for allergy test. Since I have been completely free of the symptoms I was suffering from. I am amazed. Many, Many thanks”